Broccoli salad with sesame seeds

DSC_0070 (2)

This is very simple broccoli salad and very quick. This salad is made by using steamed broccoli and seasoned with the sesame seeds, chaat masala and other spices which gives the salad a delicious crunch and tasty flavor. I love this broccoli salad.

Preparation time Cook time Course Servings
10 minutes 5 minutes Salad 2



  1. 200 gm broccoli florets
  2. 2 teaspoon white sesame seeds
  3. 1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds powder
  4. 1/2 teaspoon chaat masala
  5. 1/4 teaspoon Garlic powder
  6. Ground black pepper to sprinkle
  7. 2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil to drizzle
  8. 3 cup water
  9. Salt to taste



  1. Add 3 cup of water in a deep pan and boil it. If water starts boiling add broccoli florets and simmer for 5 minutes. This process brightens the color of broccoli and makes it tender. Turn off the heat and take off the broccoli from pan and drain it using strainer. collage1
  2. Put drained broccoli in a plate and start seasoning. Add white sesame seeds, sprinkle cumin seed powder, sprinkle chaat masala, sprinkle garlic powder, sprinkle ground black pepper and salt to taste. Finally drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and toss to coat.
  3. Serve fresh.DSC_0068 (2)

Mung bean sprout and Beetroot salad recipe

DSC_0159 (2)

Mung bean sprouts are very nutritious – low in calories, lots of fiber, vitamin B and deliver a boost of vitamins C and K. I also added Beetroot. Beetroots are rich in nutrients that help to boost your immune system and can produce new blood cells. A raw beetroot contains folic acid, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, fiber, vitamin C and carbohydrates.

I love this combination. If you want you can add more other vegetables in this salad. I have used carrot too. My kid loves to eat this salad. Now let’s see this simple recipe but full of nutrients and fiber.

Preparation time Cook time Course Servings
15 minutes 15 minutes Lunch 2


  1. 200 gm mung bean sprouts
  2. 1/4 cup beetroot grated
  3. 1/4 cup carrot grated
  4. 1 teaspoon ginger garlic paste
  5. 1/4 teaspoon chaat masala powder
  6. 1/4 teaspoon red chilli powder. If you want spicier then add more chilli powder.
  7. 1/4 teaspoon black pepper powder.
  8. 1 small onion finely chopped.
  9. 1/4 cup fresh coriander leaves chopped
  10. 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  11. 1 teaspoon oil
  12. Salt to taste


  1. Take a 200 gm bean sprouts DSC_0121
  2. Boil mung bean sprouts for 10 minutes. Don’t cook the sprouts too much.DSC_0122
  3. If sprouts are ready then let’s add vegetables. DSC_0130
  4. Now heat the oil in pan. Add chopped onions. Make it translucent.DSC_0141
  5. Then add ginger garlic paste, red chilli powder. Stir it for 2 minutes.
  6. Add beetroot, carrot & tomato mix well.DSC_0142
  7. Add boiled mung bean sprouts. Stir it. Covered for 2 minutes.
  8. And finally add chaat masala, coriander leaves, salt to taste & lemon juice. Mix well. Cover for a minute.DSC_0146
  9. Serve fresh.DSC_0153

Mixed vegetable cutlets in Oven

dsc_0159This is very basic recipe to make a mixed vegetable cutlet. Lots of vegetables increases the nutritious value of the dish. In this recipe I have baked cutlets in the oven. Or you can shallow fry them. Serve these cutlets with ketchup or any type of chutney.

Preparation time Cook time Course Servings
20 minutes 20 minutes Appetizer 4


Vegetables used:

  1. 2 large potatoes, boiled and mashed
  2. 1/2 cup green beans, boiled & crushed
  3. 1/2 cup baby carrot, boiled & crushed
  4. 1/2 cup french beans, boiled & crushed
  5. 1/2 cup corns, boiled & crushed
  6. 1/2 cup fresh coriander leaves chopped
  7. 1-2 tablespoon corn flour
  8. Rice flour or bread crumbs
  9. 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  10. 2 tablespoon oil
  11. Salt to taste

Spices used:

  1. 1 green chilli finely chopped
  2. 1/2 teaspoon ginger garlic paste
  3. 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
  4. 1/4 teaspoon red chili powder
  5. 1/4 teaspoon garam masala powder
  6. 1/2 teaspoon mango powder
  7. 3 tablespoon all-purpose flour or corn starch


  1. Take all the mashed and crushed vegetables in the bowl. Mix well.
  2. Then add all the spices chopped green chill, ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, garam masala powder and mango powder. Add salt. Mix it.
  3. Add chopped coriander and lemon juice.
  4. If needed add corn flour as required as enough to make a patties. Mix it well.
  5. Make a batter of all-purpose flour or corn starch. Add 4 tablespoon of water. I have used all-purpose flour.
  6. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease the flat pan and put it in the oven. To shallow fry heat 2 tablespoon oil in the pan.
  7. Now make a patties. You can make any shape of patties. Here I made round flat patties.
  8. Dip each patty into the flour batter and roll patty in semolina or breadcrumbs. I have used semolina.
  9. Now put all these patties on flat pan. And bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Meanwhile change the side of each patties.
  10. For shallow fry – shallow fry patties until they are become golden-brown on both sides.
  11. Serve with ketchup or any chutney. Or can be put between the slices of bread and eat them.

Vegetable Pulav recipe

DSC_0031 (2)Vegetable pulav is Indian cuisine. Quick and easy but satisfying and delicious meal. It is the combination of cooked rice mixed with mild spices and vegetables. You can serve this pulav with yogurt raita, pickle or roasted papad or can be served alone. Can be used for party, lunch box or for holy purposes.

Preparation time Cook time Course Servings
15 minutes 25 minutes Rice 2

Description: Cooked rice mixed with mild spices and mixed vegetable.

Ingredients (240 ml cup used)

  • 1 cup basmati rice
  • 1 – 1.5 tbsp oil
  • 1 medim onion thinly sliced
  • 1 to 1.5 cup chopped vegetables (Green peas, Carrots, Beans)
  • 1 Bay leave
  • 1 inch Cinnamon stick
  • 2 Green Cardamom
  • 3 Whole black pepper
  • Cloves – 2
  • Ginger – 1 inch
  • Garlic – 2 cloves
  • Salt to taste


  • Wash the rice and soak for a 10 mins.
  • Cook the rice and set aside.
  • Make a ginger and garlic paste.
  • Heat the oil in a pan and add the sliced onions
  • When the onions begin to brown, add the cinnamon, cloves, whole black pepper,  cardamom and bay leave
  • Add the ginger garlic paste and fry for another few seconds
  • Add the chopped vegetables and add salt
  • Cook on a low flame for 5 mins, covered, until the vegetables are soft
  • Then add cooked rice. Mix well and cook on low flame for 2-3 mins, covered.
  • Turn off flame and keep partially covered until ready to serve.